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Simon the Tanner had its’ humble beginnings in the side room of an old house in a teeny tiny town near the border of Vermont and Canada. There was not much of a ‘town’ to speak of, not even a stop light.  Although the locals were hardworking, they had little to choose from to provide shoes and clothes for their families. The nearest department store was at least 23 miles away and often the roads were icy, snowbound and treacherous. Not somewhere you wanted to load your children in a car to go to.

Seeing the need, a few of us got together to see what we could do. After some searching around in a big city, we found a company that would hire us to fix and repair their ‘seconds’ for resale. Filling an old van with cardboard boxes of often loose, laceless shoes to match and repair, we learned as we went. We found some old cobblers equipment and began gluing and stitching in earnest. When we had enough, we put the boxes out on the sidewalk (in the summer) or in the converted living room at $15. a pair for some top brand but ‘blemished’ footwear. The locals were thrilled! It provided a very great need and soon we had to go back to the big city for more. After a while, we started getting requests for a wider range of sizes and styles, and even clothing. Looking back on our ‘rustic beginnings’ it is amazing to see what has developed. Companies started coming to us with their ‘overruns’ and seconds. Years later, with two locations our goal is still the same. Provide good quality footwear, clothing and gear for a reasonable price. We have moved away from gluing and stitching to searching and sourcing the best quality closeouts, overstocks and seconds for your selection. We hope you will enjoy the opportunity we provide for great quality items at affordable prices.

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